DRE (Doctor of Religious Education)

Academic Program: DRE (Doctor of Religious Education)

Purpose: This program is for those who wish to opt for a very thorough study and specialization in Christian Education. This program is one of the heaviest in workload among all our doctoral programs. The program is suitable for those who plan to make Biblical Education and Training a major part of their ministry.

Qualification For Admission: An earned Master of Religious Education from any standard seminary. Those with a secular masters degree plus some background in theology can also apply, provided they realize that they will have to take up extra course-work to fill in for their deficiency in Education.

Time Allocated: You need to complete the program in 3 years. You can extend it for any number of years by paying an yearly extension fees.

Essential Apologetics 
01    M01A1    Introduction 
02    M02A1    Presuppositions 
03    M03A1    History 
04    M04A1    Canon 
05    M05A1    Revelation 
06    M10A1    Introduction to tools of Apologetics 
07    M10A2    Preparation to become an apologist 
08    M10P1    What is proof 
09    M11A1    Errors of Interpretation 
10    M12A1    Bible Difficulties 
11    M13A1    Science difficulties 
12    M14A1    Propaganda Analysis 
13    M15A1    Manipulation analysis 
14    M16A1    Manipulation resisting 
15    M17A1    Logic and Errors 
16    M18A1    Debating Techniques 
17    M19A1    Resisting debate 
18    M20A1    Leading Questions 
19    M20U1    Using Apologetics 
General Apologetics 
20    DRE001   Current Issues 
21    DRE002   Atheism 
22    DRE003   Case for Christianity 
Bible and Theology 
23    DRE011   History of the Bible 
24    DRE012   Canon and Authority 
25    DRE013   Justification by faith 
26    DRE014   Introduction to NT theology 
27    DRE015   Sola Scriptura 
Essential Topics 
28    DRE021   Culture 
29    DRE022   Human mind 
30    DRE023   Political Philosophy 
31    DRE024   Liberalism 
32    DRE025   Fatherhood 
33    DRE026   Analysis of Media 
34    DRE027   Christian Integrity 
35    DRE031   Philosophy of Education 
36    DRE032   Christian Education 
37    DRE033   Studies in Christian Education 
38    DRE034   Bible in Education 
39    DRE035   Current Theories of Education 
40    DRE036   Teaching to Read 
41    DRE037   Special Education 
42    DRE038   Technology and Education I 
43    DRE039   Technology and Education II 
Bible Teaching Methods 
44    DRE041   Teaching Methods 
45    DRE042   Hermeneutics 
Print Communication 
46    DRE061   Writing Basics I 
47    DRE062   Writing Basics II 
48    DRE063   Effective Writing 
Ethics And WorldView 
49    DRE070   Ethics I 
50    DRE071   Ethics II 
51    DRE072   Christian WorldView 
Cult Communication Studies 
52    DRE081   Introduction to Cults 
53    DRE082   Cult Characteristics 
54    DRE083   Cult Classification 
55    DRE084   Christian Cults 
56    DRE085   Occult Cults 
57    DRE086   Why do Cults Attract 
58    DRE087   Resist Cults 
Practical Work 
59    DREPR    Course Development 
60    DRETH    Thesis


  • Programme duration
    3 years
    Tuition fess
    K 30 000.00 the whole programme payable in installments

    Application form K200.00

    For further details, contact the academic office on
    +260 963 425 547/+260 968 935 477
    Email: registrar@westeastuniversity.com/info@westeastuniversity

    “Application fees should be deposited into our EcoBank account”

  • ACCOUNT NUMER: 0040017504233001