About West East University


      Brief History:

    1. The university was established as an initiative of Mr. Vernon Chilimunda in 2011. The idea was born from an experience in China during a short post-graduate course, after interacting with intellectuals from twenty six countries across continents in 2009. Professor Chondoka, the Late Professor Ngwisha, Professor Dickson Mwansa, Dr. Peter Machungwa, Dr. Allan Lingambe and Dr. Dominic Nalishebo Nyambe are among names of academicians here in Zambia that was instrumental to the actualization of the concept West East University. West East University is registered as a business name under the Registration of Business Names Act (Section No. 16 of 2011 of the Laws of Zambia) with registration certificate No. 104794. It was established with the background need to provide teacher training skills to both pre-service and in-service teachers at pre-school, primary and secondary levels.

      The University has three campuses. Solwezi, purely Open and Distance Learning (ODL) meeting at Solwezi College of Education when on recess (April, August and December). However, plans are under way to develop a campus in Solwezi in conjunction with Solwezi College Evangelical Church in Zambia; Kasama has ODL meeting at Chifwani Basic School during holidays, as well as poultry full time students particularly in Agriculture Science, beginning this June. Copperbelt Campus has full time students. For this reason, Copperbelt Campus is the administrative centre for West East University. The establishment and development of West East University Campus has been a success due to the hard working of Mr. Felix Malasha and Mr. Innocent Sakamona.

    1. Vision Statement

    2. WEU shall pursue the full development of its trainees who shall positively impact the society they live in spiritually, socially, economically and culturally through promoting positive change for themselves and the nation at large.

    1. Mission and Philosophy Statement:

    2. WEU shall pursue the Mission of inculcating and developing healthy attitudes, sustainable literacy, practical or entrepreneur skills in the trainees or students, so that its graduates shall be able to engage in gainful formal employment and self-employment activities after University training. It shall engage itself mainly in providing secondary school Education at Diploma and degree level qualifications. Initially, the three year diploma courses, and four year degree courses, shall be offered mainly, on Full time and Distance Education basis. The university shall also offer post graduate certifications such as masters degrees and PHD degrees.


      Staff and students of WEU shall embrace and exhibit the following core values while working and training with the University:

      1. INTEGRITY:

        Both staff and studentsof the University shall exercise and exhibit integrity in their conduct personally and professionally, putting the obligations of the University above their personal interests, and conducting themselves in a manner that is beyond reproach.

      1. LOYALTY:

        Members of staff of the University exercise and exhibit loyalty in their service personally and professionally, by servicing the University regardless of personal, social, religious or cultural backgrounds, with utmost devotion and regard to the authorities of the institution.


        Both staff and students of the University shall exercise and exhibit accountability in their conduct personally and professionally, by being responsible to the University and its clients for decisions and actions taken, and submitting to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their office or position in the University.

      3. EXCELLENCE:

        Both staff and students of the University shall exhibit excellence in their conduct personally and professionally, being diligent, committed, efficient, effective and result-oriented in the execution of their duties.


        Both staff and studentsof the University shall exercise and exhibit impartiality in their conduct personally and professionally, being open and basing their advice and decisions on unbiased and rigorous analysis of the evidence, and acting solely according to the merits of the case and serving the University and its clients fairly.


        Directors, staff and students of the University shallespouse, exercise and exhibit confidentiality in their conduct personally and professionally, by being trustworthy by not revealing, disclosing or divulging privileged information of the University to unauthorized persons.

      2. Motto Statement: Wisdom with Knowledge. This motto characterizes credible business mindsets with the understanding that to wisdom must be married knowledge.


The University will embrace a participatory management style that will motivate employees, provide a work environment that is conducive to high productivity, teamwork in which leadership is by example, and provide effective communication and guidance, which will be accessible to all, and promote individual growth.